Monday, August 09, 2010

Not bad, for a Monday

So there's two of us Fellows on Consults right now, and the service just isn't that busy. So at the recommendation of one of the upper levels, we've been splitting the service. He takes all the consults on Mondays, I take all the consults on Fridays, and Tuesday is a toss up. So technically, I got to work from home today. But, since I'm caught up on my paperwork, I spent the day catching up on other things - laundry, unpacking, napping. I started the day at coffee, which was great because the usual weekday morning crew was there but we had a couple of less-common visitors, whom it was nice to see. I bought some groceries. I hung out with my parents. The dog and I hung out and played a little Wii.

A doc could get used to this.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like that----Stop the world I waqnt to get off---has worked.

Sounds like Monday was a 'normal' day in the life of a 'doc'

Good deal.

Question: Why did you go to Raliegh---if you don;t mind my asking------???

Enjoy carol

Nicholas said...

Caught up on your paperwork? Really? I did a search on your blog, and you have only said that 3 other times.