Monday, August 23, 2010

Last of the good Mondays

So I think I mentioned JD and I have been doing this Monday/Friday coverage swap on the consult service, and I haven't had to go in on Mondays. I overslept this morning, went to the gym, ran some errands, took my mom to the oncologist (so far, so good), had dinner with my folks.

It's been a nice way of doing things, but today was my last Monday at home. Which is actually okay - I have one more week on Consults, but next week we're swapping because a week from Friday I'm going to the BEACH. I so, totally, completely, cannot wait.

And then I come back, and start on the Child inpatient unit, and then it's back to long days and a real workweek again...le sigh....

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Anonymous said...

Ah! Life is good!

Enjoy all of it while you can.

Enjoy carol