Thursday, August 26, 2010

The return of Love Thursday

Ten things I love on the late-summer Thursday:

1. My job, particularly at the state hospital clinic.

2. This killer burrito place located near State Hospital, from where I had lunch today. Chicken Verde Deluxe. SO GOOD.

3. My morning ritual of meeting my coffee friends at the coffee shop. It's even better when I can actually stick around a little longer (or they get there a little earlier).

4. The Medium Skim Half-Caf Carmella that accompanies #3. Also scores in the "SO GOOD" category. The shop was out of caramel sauce for a few days and tried to give me caramel syrup, and it just wasn't the same...

5. The abundance of pregnant women at work. Although it's a little creepy (dude. Seriously. There has to be something in the water), it's like a forest of trees in bloom. And it makes me miss OB a little, which I sublimate into the knitting of multiple blankets.

6. One particular non-work friend who has been wanting so very much to be pregnant, and finally is. It makes me mist up a little.

7. The crazy cute babies that accompany 5, and will accompany 6.

8. My Jeep. It still makes me happy.

9. The beach!! Where I will be going a week from tomorrow. Assuming the real estate company doesn't screw up our reservation yet again.

10. North Carolina storms. Maybe even at the beach. I looooove a good thunderstorm. Maggie? Not so much. But then she gets all snuggly, which makes me love them even more.

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Anonymous said...

Ten Thursday Things to be Thankful for------

Looking good.
Enjoy Carol