Monday, August 16, 2010

I hope he likes extra chunky

So I've got dinner on the stove tonight and I'm boxing on the Wii while it cooks....

....when I see this brown streak run by out of the corner of my eye...

There is a MOUSE. In. My. HOUSE.

He kept poking out of his little hiding place and running back in when he saw me and Maggie (who, incidentally, was totally oblivious to the whole situation). I tried to lure him into a parmesan cheese container. It didn't work. I gave him a speech about how I'd really appreciate it if he left. I don't think it swayed him. So, concluding that my only viable option is muricide, Maggie and I went off to the Rite Aid down the street to buy traps.

There are two "hygienic" traps downstairs laced with JIF extra-chunky peanut butter. And I bought a package of those sonic repellent thingies.

Ick. Ick, ick, ick, ick. This is almost as bad as cockroaches, but I'm letting it slide, since there's only one right now, and I think he might have come in through the door that wasn't quite closed. Poor thing was also as scared of us as I was of him (Maggie, again, oblivious).

Turtles. Can we go back to the turtle infestation?

(PS....look at that picture. Is that mouse driving a car???)


Anonymous said...

Sure he/she is---and besides he/she is toooo cute to be a

"mouse in your house"

is this a pic of a cute critter?

Sure hope it goes away on it's on.
Enjoy Carol

Tiny Tyrant said...

Turtles are way better. Want to borrow one of the kitties? I'll fly Rasta out to you. ;-)