Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not a good combination...

I'm exhausted. And overworked. And cranky. And premenstrual. And frustrated. And did I mention overworked?

All in all...I'm really ready for it to be the weekend. But, alas...only Wednesday.

Sparrow and I had a raucous and chaotic call last night. And of course, one of my patients ended up in restraints 30 minutes before I was going to go to checkout (to start call). Which is not a short event, nor a small pile of paperwork. Had another one go into seclusion today. Oh, my God, it's like a state hospital milieu up there.

Speaking of which, New State Hospital opened, and Other State Hospital closed its doors and moved all its patients over. But State Hospital hasn't moved their patients in yet. Which somehow means they have no beds and are delaying everyone for three to four days. What??

In better news, I've gotten quite a lot done on my scarf in the round, which is my Wednesday-afternoon-full-of-lectures mindless knitting project. And I'm thinking of starting another one when I'm done. It's pretty nifty.

Ohh, cranky. Need a day to sleep in and drink margaritas.

Maybe I'll just go to bed.

1 comment:

Mary said...

Your first paragraph perectly defined my day!

I hope tomorrow is better for you.