Thursday, July 31, 2008

Loved Thursday

So tomorrow is my VERY LAST DAY AS AN INTERN.


It's been a good year (and then some). Hard, but, good. I've learned so much...about psychiatry, about my patients, about myself, about life in general. And I've really enjoyed doing inpatient psychiatry. But I'm definitely looking forward to moving on to outpatient.

And I'm so tired.

This morning, though, the nurses on the Crisis unit really put a nice bit of punctuation on the year. We got in this morning, and they'd prepared quite a nice spread for my co-resident, the medical students, and me, to say thanks to all of us. There were muffins, sausage biscuits, hard boiled eggs, homemade quiche, bananas, juice, was really sweet. And then they'd all signed cards for us. Mine said over and over how much they'd enjoyed working with me, what a good doctor I was, etc.

Awwwwww. I almost cried. It was so nice of them.

Tomorrow I have to present for our M&M conference (which, for those of you not in the biz, has nothing at all to do with chocolate candies. It stands for morbidity and mortality; every department has these conferences. You talk about cases where something went wrong, talk about why it went wrong, what you can learn from it, etc) about my patient who ran away. I'm a little nervous. Mostly because, well, speaking in front of the entire department, and two, the last time I was involved in an M&M at the Emerald Palace, all the shit rolled right downhill and on to me. I expect that tomorrow will go much differently.

What a contrast. It's been such a different experience here.

What a difference a year makes.


penguinshrink said...

::heckle, heckle:: ;)

Also, don't let the nurses' comments go to your head... ::g::

Robin said...

I don't think it is right to degrade the M&M name in such a way. I think you should start the conference with a discussion of a better name. (Or at least demand that they serve you M&M's)

Anonymous said...

lol at the above comment.
I am so happy for you that you are done with your intern year.
You deserve M&M's. Or better yet, the cookies that have M&M's as chips.