Monday, May 18, 2009

I knew it!

So, my nephew Luke's birthday was actually Saturday. Which is what I had written on my calendar, but, as we all know, I'm easily confused. So, happy 367th day of life, little guy. I promise you'll get that baby blanket sometime before you have your own kids.

(PS - here's how that cake thing went Saturday...

Don't worry. It got better.

Is he not just the cutest thing or what?)

Today was long and irritating. I had three patients show up all day, out of eight scheduled (I think it was originally nine, but one disappeared before last night, so they don't count). Only one cancelled. So I spent the day doing disability paperwork and making lists for the clinic people and talking on the phone to my "No really, I'm gonna do it, I will!" chronically suicidal patient who always makes me a little sad.

I went to the Staples, though, between work and my shrink, which always makes me a little giddy. What is it about office supplies? I'm such a junkie. I think it's all the possibility that exists in blank reams of paper and brightly colored pens. The sheer potential of an unsharpened pencil. It's quite heady. Anyway, today I bought new pens, a giant box of forks (you heard me), and a brand new July-August planner for my third year clinic. That's exciting in its own right.

It struck me today - isn't it interesting that "academic year" planners go by a residency year? I think it's probably coincidence, but, well, it's the sort of dumb thing I find "interesting." It's helpful, for me, at least.

Yeah, that's probably a sign I need to go to bed...I only got half the dishes done, but I think the others can wait until tomorrow.


robin said...

i LOVE office supplies! LOVE LOVE LOVE! sometimes i go to staples just to walk around. i probably shouldn't admit that, but whatever. when i was a kid, my dad would take me to his office and let me walk around in the supply closet. i had decided i would work in an office so i could be near a supply closet at all times. i probably shouldn't admit that either.

Julie said...

Wow..I love office supplies too! It was a shock how much I had to get rid of when I move..which just means now i can buy more!!! As a kid I wanted all the cool Hello Kitty stuff...and I still do.

Brooke said...

What are the forks for?