Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best call ever

Today did not start well. I slept fitfully last night...had trouble getting up this morning, even though I got to sleep in. I'd planned on going in to work late, I ended up going in early. I was cranky. I was sore (I think muscles hurt today that I'd completely forgotten about. Seriously. I'm pretty sure my sartorius muscle hurts. That's kind of a rough one to make sore, frankly. I think it was the whole "bob and weave" thing yesterday). We had a meeting, and then lots of lecture, and then I was on call. I washed my scrub pants this morning so I could wear them for call tonight, but didn't actually remember to dry them before I had to leave. So I left them on my chair in my office to air dry. And then, of course, there was the actual being on call.

But then guess what happened.

My puppy came to work!!

(Okay, that's an old picture, from when she used to go to work with me at the yarn shop.)

Don't worry, Peng, we didn't let her in the office. Sparrow decided it was a nice night for a walk, and brought her up to the hospital. We were all hanging out writing notes when Sparrow called the workroom and was like, "Hey, I need a STAT psych consult on a nine year old female out here on the loading dock" (Maggie's only 7, but she didn't seem to mind). I hung up and said, "My dog's here, folks, I have to go." So my intern Julius was like "...can we come? I could use a little pet therapy." And so Tyler, Julius, the med student and I all went down and stood outside in the lovely evening for as long as we could manage without getting paged, which was actually a decent amount of time. Maggie was thrilled, and beyond wiggly. She dragged poor Sparrow clear across the parking lot when she saw me. It was the sweetest thing ever. Certainly made my whole night. Might have made my whole week.

Gosh, I love that dog.

(We're both pretty fond of Sparrow and Maxine, too.)

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Tiny Tyrant said...

That was nice of Sparrow to bring her to the office.

Puppy therapy works wonders.

Get her licensed honey so you can actually bring her inside.

Or better yet bring her out here. The ADI has a 17 hours training course to get doggies certified for hospital visits.