Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm hoping to get Doritos to sponsor the blog...

No, not really.

But I was wasting some time this morning (I'm on call. And pleased to have a little time to waste. Did I mention that today is my LAST SATURDAY CALL EVER? 'Cause it is. That makes me happy) and came across this, which made me a little nostalgic. I remember watching Wayne's World in junior high, while I was babysitting for the little girl across the street. I made microwave popcorn and tried to make hot cocoa on the stove. It was terrible. We drank it anyway.

Ahhh, Wayne and Garth. Still think the skits were generally better than the movie, but it was iconic. Even if the Cars on a Memo Spike thing was in North Riverside, not Aurora.

Party on.

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