Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sit. Stay. (Maggie Speaks)

Hi everybody! Hi! Hi! It's Maggie. Kate...well...Kate seems to have passed out in the middle of the piles of stuff on the big bed. So I thought I'd write the blog for her. She's snoring a little, so I'm pretty sure she's not dead. I keep trying to tell her, the longer she stays away from here, the more tired she is when she gets home, and so she should really stop that. Frankly, I don't know why she leaves here, ever. Unless maybe she goes to the Daycare. That's a good place to go. I always need a nap when I get home from there, too, even when I stay overnight.

She doesn't seem to be going to my Daycare, though. Last time she was gone all night, Sparrow and I went for a big long walk. It smelled really interesting, and at the end we found Kate!! It was so exciting! Tyler was there, too, and Sparrow, of course, and these two other guys who rubbed my head, but neither of them smelled like they have packs at home. The Daycare they were at was really big, and smelled kind of funny. And there weren't other dogs there. And they didn't seem to have a pool. And everyone seemed tired, and the little screaming black box that Kate clips on her pants kept screaming. I'm not sure why she goes there so much.

Oh! Did you hear that? Is that a squirrel? Or maybe someone's invading. Or maybe they've got food. I'd better go check...

Today Kate smelled really good when she got home. She was all salty, too. I think she said she was with Jim. I don't know who this Jim guy is, but she's spending a lot of time with him these days. And she always comes home all damp and salty. Apparently he knows Gomer. I think maybe they're part of the same pack. So she went to this Jim today, and then came home and ate some of those salty triangles with the red stuff on them and she didn't drop nearly enough of them. They're better with some of the red stuff on them, but Kate never gives me much of that.

Oh! Oh! Guess what! Mom and Dad are here! They came this afternoon in the big loud white thing. Dad seems to have more fur on his face now. Maybe he hasn't been to the groomer recently. Mom brought cookies. Kate said I couldn't have any, but when they went for dinner, they came back, and Mom brought me a Jumbone! She let Kate give it to me, because Mom doesn't like it when I get too close. Kate said she had a dog in her pack when she was a puppy who was mean to her. I think that's sad. I like Mom, but I try to let her have her space so she won't be sad. Dad rubbed my head, though! And my tummy. I miss them. They go away for much too long.

They kept bringing in all these boxes. I'm not sure what that's about. They don't seem to have anything in them. I think it means we're going somewhere. I really hope Kate takes me with. I always get worried, when this happens. Sometimes, she just packs up that one black box with wheels, and then she's gone for too long. When she starts packing boxes like this, though, we usually wind up living in a whole different den (she calls it a "house." Whatever). She's never left me behind before, and we've been in a few different houses at this point. But I worry. I worry that she might leave and not take me with. I worry that she might leave and never come back!! See, I think the best option is just for her to never, ever leave. Or, you know, take me with her, always. Because packs need to stay together.

Okay, well, I've been awake for, gosh, like an hour now, so I'd better take a nap. I think tomorrow's going to be busy. Kate keeps saying things like "packing extravaganza" and "how in the hell are we going to get this whole place packed in two days?" Mom seems less worried. But, yep, better get to sleep. Thanks for coming by! Next time bring food, okay? Maybe Kate will let me write the blog again soon. It's kind of hard to type without thumbs, but, I think I was a good girl.

Wait...where you goin'? But...why? Are you leaving? Ohhh....okay....ooh! Look! Shiny! Okay, see ya later, 'bye!

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Anonymous said...

Morning Maggie, I hope you are feeling better and are raring to go. Us girls have to stick together so stick like glue to Kate and she won't leave you.

I don't think she would anyhow cause she needs you to to keep her up and going around with that "noisey thing" on her belt.

Sounds like you gals will be finding a new "den" or house and Mom and Dad to the rescue---along with a nice visit.

Will look forward to your adventures. Did you pack your camera? Try to take some pictures of the new place.

Enjoy Carol