Monday, May 25, 2009

Ohhh, tired.

So we packed today. And we packed, and we packed. Peng and Chef came over and packed (they brought lunch AND told funny stories AND worked their asses off. AND Peng had fudge. What more could you possibly ask for?).

Y'all, I'm tired.

Poor Ms. Mags is starting to get really freaked out. She spent most of today making sure I wasn't leaving or lying in the spot on the floor of our bedroom where she stays during thunderstorms. My poor baby.

But we got a good ways through, today. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I have to work, so I'm leaving my folks with the lot of it. It should be doable, barring catastrophes. But we'll see (I'm looking for some wood to knock on...).

I'd rather be here. A, I think I could be more useful, and two, at least two of my intake patients tomorrow are referred by the pain clinic. Which...rarely goes well. One of them is listed in the chart as exhibiting "pain-seeking behaviors." I think, actually, they meant med-seeking behaviors. They seem to be a chronic seeker of opiates and benzos. Which...ugh. Actual pain-seeking behavior - now, that we might actually have something to talk about.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, folks...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, will Mags like your new place?

Enjoy carol