Thursday, May 28, 2009

We know. We're lame.

But it's been a long, tired day here. But, my aunt came over today and helped my folks unpack the kitchen, and it looks great. The house is more or less livable at this point. The 'rents are going to go back to the cottage tomorrow and clean out what they can in the morning, I'm going to stop by on my way home from work and get the rest of it. Which will easily make for about a 12 hour day for me, what with the commuting and the fact that Fridays are typically long for me anyways.

But there's a weekend a-comin'. And bringing with it, naps.

Have I mentioned, though, lately (it is Thursday and all)? I love my family. My parents have been such a huge help with this move. I think they packed up like 70% of the cottage, and it's just been nice having them here. And my aunt and uncle (whom, I think I've mentioned before, are not actually related to them at all, but my parents met my aunt in a tour group in Hawaii some 32 years ago or better, when she was like 19 and they were, well, not. And, here we are...) also have pitched in a bunch. And they brought us homemade dinner last night, and she brought cupcakes (AWESOME cupcakes) today. An army travels on its stomach, you know? This move has totally been fueled by my mom's and my aunt's baked goods.

My folks are staying through Monday morning, which will be nice, to have them here all weekend. I have a friend's going away party on Saturday night, which will be nice, and I'm sure they'll enjoy the quiet without me here. And Sunday night we're going out with my aunt and uncle to the restaurant where Chef chefs, to celebrate birthdays and fellowship and life in general. Good company, plus - Gruyere mac and lemon tart, here I come.

But, for now? Going to bed.

Enjoy a gratuitous picture of my sleepy dog.

(Also? Love my dog. She had a long day yesterday protecting us from the movers - whom she loved - and the cable guy - whom she adored - and whatnot...I think she slept most of today away...)

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Anonymous said...

Ah! Life can be good!

Family, friends, Mags, food, new digs.

Ready to tackle the world!

Enjoy it all. Carol